Gratitude for gratitude

PeltedThe studio has been graced by the presence of local artist, Deborah Stevenson. On December 4th, she posted this heartfelt message on Facebook:

“I’ve been very isolated from community this past year, since having to leave Brooklyn to live now in a very small town in Maine. But I have found it, in a place called OAR – the great brainchild of artist Julie H. Rose. OAR = Open Art Room, where anyone can come for 4 hours a day, when she opens her studio at Waterfall Arts to host a space full of supplies and northern light and good vibes, to make art and keep company with other folks.

In the days I have gone there, I have made the collages I’ve been posting. I want to acknowledge the grace of this space, and the welcome and warmth it has provided me, and others. Julie’s openhearted generosity is a massive gift to this small town.”

-Deborah Stevenson

Deborah is an accomplished painter and collage artist. She models exactly what we hoped for the studio; participants helping each other.

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